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Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) has been releasing digital concert series and innovative online content series, bringing our music to everyone. To lift the spirits of Singaporeans, SCO first took the lead and launched a fresh new YouTube playlist #DabaoSCO on 14 February 2020 (Friday). Followers get to “da-bao” (takeaway) full-length SCO concerts, and enjoy concerts at the comfort of your home! This series feature some of the best past SCO Concerts.

Starting from July 2020, SCO will recommend you to watch 1 #DabaoSCO concert video every month, so please stay tuned for more!

SCO Sounds of Mongolia 5


3 reasons to not miss Sounds of Mongolia on #DabaoSCO

  1. Enjoy the sound of the legendary Morin Khuur (马头琴)

Experience the vast beauty of Mongolia through the sound of the legendary Morin Khuur. Under the baton of Assistant Conductor Moses Gay, renowned Mongolian Morin Khuur master, Jinshan Alatengwula, will perform this ancient instrument with SCO.

SCO Sounds of Mongolia 3


Writer’s Notes and Observations: The Morin Khuur, also known as the horsehead fiddle, is a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument. Do you know? It is one of the most important musical instruments of the Mongol people, and is considered a symbol of the Mongolian nation? The Morin Khuur is one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity identified by UNESCO.

2. Immerse in the famous story of Inner Mongolian hero Gada Meilin, who led a failed rebellion against Chinese warlord’s cultivation of pastureland

SCO cello Associate Principal, Tang Jia, performs Wang Qiang’s well-known cello concerto Gada Meilin, a piece presenting the well-known Mongolian hero, Gada Meilin, who died in battle after leading his people in a revolt against the cruel oppression of the feudal warlords.

SCO Sounds of Mongolia 2


Writer’s Notes and Observations: Tang Jia started learning the cello at a tender age of 6, and was under the tutelage of esteemed cellists such as international soloist Qin Li-wei, and former SSO cello Principal Nella Hunkins.

3.High energy, fast pace music, to rejuvenate souls and imagination running wild on the majestic grasslands

A wonderful experience to re-imagine the picturesque and majestic grassland, beautiful skies, galloping horses and the blissful land of Mongolia, alongside SCO Assistant Conductor Moses Gay’s candid and relaxed conducting.

SCO Sounds of Mongolia 4


Writer’s Notes and Observations: Conductor Moses Gay happily recorded his standing ovation from the audience members! Other notable highlights include: SCO will perform renowned composer Tang Jian Ping’s work Gallant Steed《骏马》, as the first work of the concert illustrating a pictorial music scene of galloping horses on the majestic Mongolian grassland; followed by Li Cangsang’s Grassland Fantasia《草原畅想》. At the finale, SCO will perform Zhang Hanshu’s Beautiful Horqin Grassland 《美丽的科尔沁草原》to depict the picturesque and majestic grassland, beautiful skies and the blissful land of Mongolia.


Title of concert: Sounds of Mongolia 蒙古之歌

Original broadcast date and time: 24 November 2018 (Saturday)

Click for Programme booklet here.

Pieces performed:

Gallant Steed 骏马 / Tang Jianping唐建平

Grasslands Fantasia 草原畅想/ Li Cangsang李沧桑

Gada Meilin 嘎达梅林 / by Wang Qiang王强

Morin Khuur Concerto 马头琴协奏曲 / Wang Jue王珏

Beautiful Horqin Grassland 美丽的科尔沁草原 / Zhang Hanshu张翰书

Click for video here.

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The rich and colourful world of Chinese Orchestral music is so all-encompassing that even animals are regularly being featured. The galloping stallion, the formidable tiger, the glamorous peacock, the adorable panda… For decades, mankind’s best friends have provided much inspiration for master composers of Chinese music, for every movement of theirs can be translated into lively music, creating a vibrant world of sound.

Under the baton of SCO’s Assistant Conductor Moses Gay, veteran musicians team up with their younger colleagues to bring you in for a Chinese Orchestra style wild ride through the animal kingdom. Feel the power of nature and join us in a rhapsodic evening of Untamed Melodies!

Untamed Melodies 《动物狂欢节》

Watch Period: 2.10.2020* - 11.10.2020 (8pm)

*SISTIC livestreaming from SCO concert hall at 8pm

Ticket Price: $15 (excludes $1 SISTIC charge)

Please purchase e-tickets from SISTIC. Tickets are currently available for sale.

Event link: http://bit.ly/SCO-untamedmelodies

Three-concert bundle:

3 digital concerts for $27 (excludes $1.50 SISTIC charge)

Purchase e-tickets to catch these digital concerts:

Untamed Melodies (2 October 2020)

An Affinity with Nature (6 November 2020)

Awfully Joyful (20 November 2020)


  • Original price: 3 digital concerts for $45 (excludes $3 SISTIC charge)
  • All 3 concerts are live streaming on SISTIC LIVE on concert day and then available on demand for 10 days.


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