Shui-Bo- Singapore Chinese Orchestra 新加坡华乐团

Bo (also known as cymbals)

Often remembered as circular disc with red-ribbon handles, the cymbal is an important instrument in operas, religious processions and the accompaniment of folk songs. Today, the Chinese orchestra uses numerous variations of cymbals including the Western crash cymbals. There are four common cymbals: xiaobo (small cymbals), zhongbo (mid-sized cymbals), shuibo (water cymbals) and dabo (large cymbals).

Cymbals are instruments with no definite pitch. In terms of pitch relativity, the small cymbals command the highest pitch, followed by the mid-sized cymbals, water cymbals and large cymbals.

Also called xiaocha or chaguo, the small cymbals have a diameter of approximately four inches. They produce crisp sounds, and are often accompanied by small gongs to create delicate, joyous atmospheres.