Concert Highlights

Dance of the Yao Tribe | Composed by Mao Yuan and Liu Tie Shan, arranged by Peng Xiu Wen
Fishermen's Song of Victory | Composed by Zhejiang Province Song and Dance Troupe, orchestration by Liu Wen Jin, virtuoso percussion cadenza written by Li Minxiong
The General's Command | Gu Guan Ren
Confluence | Wang Chenwei
Bumper Harvest Worship | Kuan Nai-Chung
The Silk Road | Jiang Ying
Overture | Phoon Yew Tien

Hits of Past and Classics of Present

SNYCO Concerts

  • 2021-03-20 12:00 To 2021-03-21 12:00
  • SCO Concert Hall
  • $15 (Online)
  • SNYCO Concerts

Concert Information

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华乐老友们,你们是否时时回味着曾经流行的曲调呢?想不想重温当年华乐团的美好回忆呢?就让新加坡青年华乐团与音乐总监郭勇德带各位温故知新,在重拾当时流行的名曲如《奋勇前进》,《丰年祭》,《丝绸之路》的同时,也欣赏《融》等 本地新时代作品 。欢迎各位旧雨新知前来回顾往事,共展未来。

Dear friends, do you reminisce about Chinese Orchestra tunes from the past? Would you like to relive fond memories of days with the Chinese Orchestra? Join SNYCO, led by Music Director Quek Ling Kiong, on a journey from the past to the future, with familiar favorites like “Overture: Brave Advance”, “Bumper Harvest Worship”, and “The Silk Road” sharing the stage with local tunes like “Confluence”. Savour the past and embrace the future, all in a single evening of classics old and new!


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