Concert Highlights

SCO goes to Forlì as part of its Europe Concert Tour in 2019!

SCO Europe Concert Tour: Forlì

2019 - 2020 Concert Season

  • 6 Sep, Fri, 9pm
  • Chiesa di San Giacomo in San Domenico
  • € 11,50
  • 2019 - 2020 Concert Season

Concert Information

Tsung YehMusic Director

Prince Sang Nila Utama and Singa / Law Wai Lun

Sheng Concerto: Earth and Fire / Enjott Schneider
Sheng: Wu Wei

Krakatoa / Kahchun Wong

Huqin Concerto: Fire Ritual / Tan Dun
Huqin: Li Baoshun

Led by Music Director Tsung Yeh, SCO will embark on a Europe Concert Tour in 2019 and travel from Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Forlì (Italy) to Ioannina (Greece) to bring the unique Nanyang music and sound of SCO to the most magnificent halls in the world.

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