Goh Yew Guan

Goh_Yew_Guan Goh Yew Guan

Goh Yew Guan


Goh Yew Guan comes from a family of talented musicians. He learnt the pipa from his father at an early age. In 1973, he joined the Ministry of Education Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra. He staged several solo performances.

Goh Yew Guan won the second prize award at the Pipa Open Category of the National Music Competition in 1982. In 1983, he joined the People’s Association Chinese Orchestra as a full-time musician. He has performed in the United State of America, England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Malaysia.

He has been the conductor of the Raffles Institution Chinese Orchestra since 1987 to 2002. In 1993, he led the Orchestra to Beijing and staged a joint concert with the Beijing Golden Sail Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra. The concert received high accolades. He has also been a conductor of various secondary school. He is now the plucked string instruments instructor of various secondary schools and polytechnics.

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