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Learn more about Hollywood Film Scoring from Dr Norman Ludwin at SCO Composer Workshop 2020 seminar.

SCO Composer Workshop 2020 Seminar: Hollywood Film Scoring by Dr Norman Ludwin

Educational Workshops

  • 22 Aug, Thu, 7.30pm, Singapore Conference Hall Exhibition Hall
  • Exhibition Hall (Level 1)
  • Free Admission
  • Educational Workshops

Concert Information

This is the second event in the series of talks and workshops of SCO Composer Workshop 2020. In this seminar, Dr Norman Ludwin will share with participants on Hollywood Film Scoring.

Dr Norman Ludwin is a pioneer in the field of orchestration and the study of film composition. He is a working orchestrator in Hollywood, an in demand session bassist, and holds a Doctorate in Composition. His recent credits include: Incredibles 2, Tag, Coco, The 15:17 to Paris, Rogue One, War of the Planet of the Apes, Zootopia, and Jurassic World and more.

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