Enchanting Sceneries: Xu Zhijun and SCO

Concert Season 23/24

  • January 13, 2024 19:30
  • 1 Hr 35 Min (with intermission)
  • SCO Concert Hall
  • $20 - $80
  • Concert Season 23/24

Concert Information


Xu Zhijun, a renowned composer and the Dean of the Chinese Music Department of the China Conservatory of Music, rose to prominence for his musical interpretations filled with rich lines and textures, which in turn create pictures of grandiose. Programme curated by SCO Pipa Principal Yu Jia, Xu Zhijun's baton will point the way as he leads us on a grand tour of China, from Jiangnan to Beijing, and from the Western Regions to the Great Desert! This concert also marks the first Pipa and Tanbur concerto performance with SCO, not to be missed!

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