Chamber Charms: Night of Plucked Strings

Concert Season 23/24

  • May 31, 2024 19:30
  • 1 Hr
  • SCO Concert Hall
  • $30
  • Concert Season 23/24

Concert Information

Quek Ling KiongPrincipal Conductor

Be prepared for the beauty of plucked string music for the grand finale of the Chamber Charms series! “Night of Plucked Strings” will be jointly curated by SCO Section Leader (Plucked strings) and Sanxian Principal, Huang Guifang together with Yangqin Principal, Qu Jianqing and Pipa Principal, Yu Jia, who will be bringing you exquisite ensemble pieces such as Dancing Leaves – Libra, Rhapsody of Fengyang Flower Drum, and Summer ∙ Rainy Day. In addition, plucked string ensemble pieces like Wordless Song and Boundless Love Song will make you fall in love with the delicate beauty of plucked string music! 

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