Wong Qin Kai

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Wong Qin Kai


Wong Qin Kai is a local erhu musician and also a multi-award winner in competitions, winning top prizes in both the erhu solo and combined ensemble categories in the National Chinese Music Competition organised by the National Arts Council since 2004.

Qin Kai started learning the erhu when he was 13 under the tutelage of renowned erhu musician and educator Zhang Yu Ming. A recipient of the NAC Arts Scholarship (Undergraduate), he graduated in 2014 with First Class honours from the Nanyang Academy of Music – Royal College of Music (London) joint Bachelor of Music (Honours) programme and was awarded the prestigious Best Graduate and Embassy of Peru Award. In 2018 February, Qin Kai joined the SCO as a Zhonghu musician.

Qin Kai is an active performer both locally and abroad, with notable performances including 'Erhu Rhapsody No. 1' by Wang Jian Min in his debut concert with Maestro Tsung Yeh and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2011, 'Butterfly Lovers Concerto' with the Toa Payoh West Community Club Chinese Orchestra in 2011, and locally premiering ‘Blue Planet Erhu Concerto' in 2014 in his graduation recital. In 2019, he was invited to play the gaohu concerto “Legend of the Merlion” with the National University of Singapore Chinese Orchestra at the Hsinchu Chinese Music Festival. He has also performed in China, South Korea, Russia and the United States.

In 2012, fuelled by his interest in chamber music, Qin Kai started the Chinese string quintet StringWerkz. In 2013, the quintet took part in the 3rd Terem Crossover International Music Competition held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Other than being the only Asian group that made it into the finals, the team also won prizes for "Achievements in the field of a live sound" and for “Original arrangement". Together with Stringwerkz, Qin Kai was invited to perform at the Taiwan National Concert Hall in 2017, and at the Sundin Concert Hall (United States) in 2019.

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