Huang Ting-Yu

Huang_Ting-yu Huang Ting-Yu

Huang Ting-Yu


Born in 1990, Huang Ting-Yu studied cello since the age of six. After graduated from Taipei Municipal University of Education (now University of Taipei), she decided to pursue a master’s degree in the USA, and received admission offers from multiple notable musical schools, including Eastman School of Music and Boston University. Eventually, she accepted the scholarship offer from the College Conservatory of Music (CCM), majoring in cello under Yehuda Hanani. She graduated in 2014 with a degree of master of music from the University of Cincinnati, and joined SCO in the same year.

Huang Ting-Yu has many years of experience in orchestra, and also devoted herself to chamber music, contemporary music and movie recording. She has appeared at many music festivals, master classes and workshops. Huang Ting-Yu has been teaching cello since the age of 18, mostly being private tutor and string sectional teacher in middle & high school.

In addition to her distinguished performance skills in cello, she was studying as a piano major before enrolling into college and had the experience of piano accompaniment for a significant number of years. Owing to her equal excellence in piano, she used to be the piano accompanist in the studio class of Yehuda Hanani.

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