Wang Siyuan

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Wang Siyuan


Wang Siyuan was accepted into the Central Conservatory of Music Affiliated Middle School in 2008, where she studied under the tutelage of Professor Fan Wei. After her graduation, she moved to Singapore to continue her music studies in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2015, where she studied under SCO Pipa Principal Yu Jia. In November 2015, Siyuan successfully auditioned and joined the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra. She joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra as a pipa musician in September 2023. 

Siyuan matured as a Pipa player in NAFA, and she took participated actively in school performances and exchange programs. She had also performed on many occasions NAFA hosted visitors from China. Siyuan represented NAFA in the 2016 National Chinese Music Competition, and she came in Second in the Open Category. She was also one of NAFA’s representatives in the Ensemble Category, in which the group won the First prize.

In 2017, Siyuan won both the NAFA-RAVE Chinese Concerto Competition as well as the Nanyang International Music Competition (Pipa, Open Category), on top of being part of a NAFA concerto group that clinched the champion title in the Concerto (Professional) Category. In 2018, she won the Pipa Open Category in the Singapore National Chinese Music Competition, and was selected for the Winner's Concert, performing Apsaras on the Silk Road (丝路飞天) with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. In 2019, she won the Rave Concerto Competition. In March 2019, she was selected as the soloist for "Dauntless Spirit", an annual concert put up by the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and performed the Pipa concerto The Sword and the Scroll (文武双全). Her performances were very well received and highly acclaimed by the audience. During her studies in Pipa performance, Siyuan started learning the Zhongruan, and in 2019, Siyuan participated in the 2nd Nanyang International Music Competition Zhongruan Youth Professional Category, which she was awarded second place. In 2020, Siyuan started studying Bachelor's Degree in Zhongruan under the tutelage of Yu Jia. In the same year, Siyuan participated in the Singapore Chinese Music Competition Zhongruan Open Category, where she won 1st prize. In 2021, Siyuan took part in the 3rd Nanyang International Music Competition Zhongruan Open Professional Category, winning the top prize of the category. In 2023, Siyuan continued her studies in a master course at NAFA.

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