Jing Po

Jing-Po Jing Po

Jing Po


Jing Po graduated from the Middle School of the Xi’an Conservatory of Music in 1993 and the China Conservatory of Music in 1997. Besides studied with Ning Yong, Miao Xiao Yun and Wei Wei, she had also been guided by ruan masters Lin Ji Liang and Zhang Xin Hua. Through her painstaking and wide-ranging studies, Jing Po was able to systematically and comprehensively master the playing techniques of the xiaoruan, zhongruan and daruan. 

Jing Po was awarded the Outstanding Performance Award in the Ruan (Professional) Category at the Hua Xia International Chinese Instrumental Competition in 1995 and in 1997 was admitted into the China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre Chinese Orchestra. In 2002, she recorded a solo album Pao Xiu Luo Lan of ruan-xian pieces for Taiwan’s Poem Culture Corporation. 

Jing Po has been a zhongruan and daruan musician with SCO since 2005.

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