Singapore, 25 May 2023 (Thursday) – Under the baton of Conductor Emeritus Tsung Yeh, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra will mesmerise all with completely new orchestra works composed by Composer-in-Residence Wang Chenwei. All four works performed will be premiered locally in this concert. Among the four works performed is the world’s first ever virtuosic concerto specially written for the diyin sheng. Not to be missed by diyin sheng and sheng students, or instrument enthusiasts!

SCO presents “For Our Dreams: A Wang Chenwei Composition Showcase” concert, happening on 10 June 2023 7.30pm

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Dreams reflect our psyche, while music uplifts our spirits. Titled "For Our Dreams - Wang Chenwei’s Music Showcase", this entire concert features Singapore local premieres of SCO’s Composer-in-Residence Wang Chenwei works, under the baton of Conductor Emeritus Maestro Tsung Yeh. The opening orchestral piece, For Our Dreams, inspires us to pursue our ambitions. In the virtuosic Diyin-Sheng concerto Taoyuan Wonderland – the first of its kind, soloist Lim Kiong Pin will portray picturesque scenes of Taoyuan, Taiwan. Based on three Macao landmarks, Postcards from Macao presents the city’s unique history and culture infused with Cantonese, Hokkien and European influences. Finally, Percussion Principal Benjamin Boo will lead the concerto Bronze Age of Shang, evoking the elaborate rites and glorious culture of the Shang Dynasty over three millennia ago. Together, let us relive the past, aspire towards the future and strive for our dreams!

World’s first virtuosic concerto specially written for the diyin sheng

Taoyuan Wonderland is believed to be the first virtuosic diyin sheng (alto sheng) concerto that has been composed for this instrument. Diyin sheng is known to play mainly accompaniment role in the orchestra, hence this piece is a breakthrough to showcase the charms of this instrument.

The three highlights of this piece:

  1. Wang Chenwei himself was also a diyin sheng musician during his days with the school Chinese orchestra, hence he experimented to develop new techniques and sought to push the limits of both this instrument and the musician.
  2. This concerto is performed by SCO diyin sheng musician Lim Kiong Pin, his first concerto with SCO in 26 years. Lim Kiong Pin was also one of the pioneer musicians that joined SCO from People’s Association Chinese Orchestra (PACO).
  3. Coincidentally, Lim was also Wang’s sheng instructor whilst Wang was at the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO), then known as Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra (SYCO).

Dream catcher and musical portrait of Macao

For Our Dreams, the titular piece, showcases composer’s prowess in blending classical and contemporary style of music from all cultures. It is a refreshing and energetic overture-like work to open an evening of rich repertoire with different flavours.

Postcards from Macao makes use of citations of musical motifs that are symbolic to Macao to depict a unique musical portrait of Macao’s rich history and culture.

Peeking through history’s lenses

Bronze Age of Shang is a three-movement percussion concerto that was inspired by an exhibition of Shang Dynasty ritual objects and musical instruments at the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

The three movements Yue, Jue and Ding, were themed after a type of bronzeware, each serving different functions. The Yue is a weapon which symbolises a ruler’s military command, hence the first movement depicts a war scene. Second movement Jue uses a wine vessel as a analogy to symbolise rulers and aristocrats at a palace banquet. The final movement Ding is a cooking vessel used to symbolise sovereignty, and thus conveys a stately and dignified mood.

The three highlights of this piece:

  1. The percussion concerto is performed by Benjamin Boo, SCO’s new Percussion Principal. This is his first solo concerto with SCO since he assumed the sectional leader role in January 2023.
  2. The entire piece features exclusively Chinese percussion instruments in the composition, such as the jiangu (mounted drums), paigu (arrayed drums), bianzhong (pitched bells) and yunluo (pitched gongs).
  3. Third movement involves a recitation by orchestra members from a poem, in old Chinese pronunciation that has been lost through times, and was reconstructed by scholars.

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Photo credit: Wang Chenwei

Ticketing details


Ticket Price (Excludes SISTIC charges):

$70、$60、 $40、$20 (Concession, includes Senior Citizen, Student, NS Men etc)

For Our Dreams: Wang Chenwei Composition Showcase Programme List

Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Composer: Wang Chenwei

All works are Singapore Premiere

For Our Dreams


Taoyuan Wonderland

I: Yong’an Fishing Port

II:  Xiaowulai Waterfall

III:  Seas of Lupins

IV:  Shihmen Dam

Diyin sheng:  Lim Kiong Pin


Postcards from Macao

I: A-Ma Temple

II: Mount Fortress

III: Senado Square


Bronze Age of Shang

I: Yuè – Battle Axe of Kings

II: Jué – Wine Vessel of Aristocrats

III: Dǐng – Ritual Cauldron of Sovereignty

Percussion: Benjamin Boo



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