Jin_Shiyi Blog

Human Diaries: Blowing innovations to traditions

Did you know that SCO suona/guan principal Jin Shiyi invented a new music instrument called the SINGuan? Find out more in this episode!

Ann_Hong_Mui_1 Blog

Human Diaries: Connecting the bow, Stringing it with love

Behind our pioneer erhu musician Ann Hong Mui is a super fan husband who has supported all her endeavours over the last few decades. Join us to look into her life and hear her story.

MicrosoftTeams-image_22 Blog

Human Diaries: Music prodigy and polyglot

Our Composer-in-Residence, 33-year-old Wang Chenwei, is a music prodigy and polyglot — a rising star in the local arts scene. Take a peek into his life!

ku_lap-man2 Blog



Xu_Zhong__Zhang_Li Blog

Human Diaries: The power couple of SCO, The committed teachers for students

Cello principal Xu Zhong and liuqin musician Zhang Li are a power couple in SCO, walking on this music journey together. They share more about their experiences as music teachers!

Lim_Sin_Yeo Blog

Human Diaries: From a kampung boy to a stellar dizi musician

From a kampung boy to a stellar musician, his pure love for music has kept local dizi musician Lim Sin Yeo going all these years. Take a peek into his life and hear his story!

MicrosoftTeams-image_18 Blog

Human Diaries: Stringing passion with dedication

Virtuoso on stage, dedicated pet groomer off stage! Let’s take a walk into SCO pipa principal Yu Jia’s world of music and her interest in pet grooming.

Human_Diaries_S1-3 Blog

Music Diaries: The Behind-the-scenes Sketches of Human Diaries

In today's Music Diaries, SCO marketing communications staff Shannen Ho reflects on the in-house production of Human Diaries season 1.

Lim_Kiong_Pin Blog

Human Diaries: The Bass in life, the unsung heroes

Everyone has multiple aspects of his personality and interests. Diyin sheng musician Lim Kiong Pin holds a double diploma in counselling and is passionate about conducting and arranging music.

MicrosoftTeams-image_23 Blog

Human Diaries: A life transformed by music, transforming lives with music

Bono, an Irish singer-songwriter, once said: “[m]usic can change the world because it can change people.”  SCO’s resident conductor Quek Ling Kiong shares his story.

Moses_Website Blog

Human Diaries: From CO fanboy to the youngest conductor in SCO

From a starry-eyed young boy fascinated with Chinese Orchestra to being the youngest conductor to lead SCO, 36-year-old Moses Gay shares his conducting journey and perspective. 

SNYCO_20_Mar_concert Blog



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