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Behind the persona of every artist lies a human being, just like you and I. The Human Diaries series thus explores the multifaceted lives of our musicians, which gained popularity during Season 1 last year. Expect the unexpected in Season 2 as we step into the homes and favourite places of our musicians, conductors, and Composer-in-Residence, discovering stories untold.



Music is everywhere. To zhonghu musician Wilson Neo, soundtracks from video games, pop songs are all inspirations that can be performed in Chinese orchestras.

Text: Sean Goh & Lim Ka Min

Photo: Singapore Chinese Orchestra

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Engineering or Music?

After graduating from Polytechnic, zhonghu musician Wilson Neo wondered if he should pursue music or seek employment in the engineering field, as per his diploma.

This is a dilemma which many Singaporean artists may face, whether to take the risk and pursue our passion or find a “stable” job. 

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However, for Wilson, he decided to leave it to the hands of fate as he enlisted for National Service. He entered the Music and Drama Company during army, which provided him with the opportunities to collaborate with talented performers, providing him with opportunities to peek into the lives of musicians.

He probably needed this last push to pursue his dreams, the encouragement to take the leap of faith and follow his dream. Thankfully, Wilson was determined and went on to pursue his passion, or else we may have lost a gem and a passionate music educator.

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Turning Point

Soon after, he received an offer from Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO), to join as a contract musician. Then he got the chance to experience the life of a professional musician and befriended many like-minded people with similar interests.

“When you do what you like, you don’t actually feel like you’re working.”

This 1-year opportunity reaffirmed his decision to become a full-time musician, professionally.

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 “It’s easy to make people feel touched. However, if you want to move yourself – this is rather difficult.”

A recital which he performed at the Victoria Concert Hall remains as his most memorable performance all these years.

He recounted, he felt goose bumps all over during that moment, as he moved himself deeply. 

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An “old” gamer

A lot of people find joy in playing games, and the same goes for Wilson. For him, gaming is a way out of reality.

The visual of 2D animations enthrals him, and it also unknowingly became a source of inspiration for him.

 “Music is everywhere.”

Background music is an important element in many games; many of them feature quality music.

For Wilson, whenever he plays games, he always listens to various types of music. His mind would sometimes wander to the possibility of adapting this music for the orchestra.

Bulbasoon Music Youtube channel

His love for music and games were combined together when he created his very own “Bulbasoon Music” youtube channel. This name originated from “Bulbasaur” and “Soon”. It’s a combination of his favourite Pokemon and his last name.

The Bulbasoon Music YouTube channel is a platform where Wilson posts music-related content. During the circuit breaker period, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra actively encouraged musicians to make music from the comfort of their homes.  

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Just like all the others, he began recording with only his smartphone, but quickly realised that it was insufficient. Then he picked up editing skills. He learned how to edit videos and audios on Premiere Pro to present his best works.

Engaging the younger generation

As an educator, Wilson sees it as his responsibility to showcase Chinese orchestral music and inspire the younger generation.

Through his Youtube channel, he has demonstrated that Chinese Orchestral instruments can perform modern music as well, adding a unique flavour to the music. 

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Thank you for following through the article thus far. Here, we share some bonus behind-the-scenes moments:

Wilson’s collection of Huqin

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A corner where Wilson stores his collection of Bulbasaurs.



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