Q: How did you interpret the piece “The Butterfly Dream”?

Yin Zhiyang: In the piece "The Butterfly Dream", I create imagery and emotions entirely based on its melodies and other musical characteristics. For instance, a certain passage might evoke an image of butterflies gracefully dancing in the gardens of an European mansion, while the more staccato melodies allow me to re-imagine them as the dragonflies. In essence, each passage paints a corresponding image in my mind. The piece includes several rubato sections, allowing for a greater flexibility rather than a strict adherence to each and every beat. 

Q: We heard that this is a challenging piece, could you elaborate more? Was it difficult for you?

Yin Zhiyang: This piece was composed in the 1980s, a time when such experimental works for the dizi were relatively rare. Unlike the pentatonic scale (i.e., it mostly plays notes that lie within a five-note scale) commonly used in traditional Chinese music, this piece employs Western music composition techniques. Playing these notes on a dizi, which only has six holes, can be quite challenging. To overcome this limitation, other musicians would choose to use a specially-designed eight-hole dizi for this piece, which allows for easier execution. However, for this performance, I would be using a standard six-hole dizi throughout the entire piece. Therefore, maintaining the pitch accuracy might pose a certain level of difficulty.

Furthermore, this composition encompasses a wide range of tonal variations. Even within the same melody, the performer needs to pay attention to the dynamics in volume, timbre, tempo, and other elements to evoke certain musical effects. Thererfore, a deep grasp of the musical interpretation is essential for delivering a good performance.

Q: Did you make any special preparations for this concert?

Yin Zhiyang: For me, the most important thing is to have plenty of stamina. I am prepared in terms of technique and musicality. Since I have been playing the dizi continuously since the age of seven, this long-term training plays a significant role in my performances. So, the only aspect where I feel slightly lacking  is my stamina. Moving forward, I will focus on exercising and building up my stamina, so that I can present "The Butterfly Dream" in my best possible condition.


Q2: 听说这是一首突破了笛子极限的曲子,请问它的难度在哪里?对您是否是一种挑战?



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