Siok Li Chin Deborah

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Siok Li Chin Deborah


A young home-grown erhu musician, Deborah Siok joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) as erhu musician in 2022. Deborah first started learning the electric keyboard when she was 3 years old and later the piano at the age of 7. Upon joining her primary school’s Chinese Orchestra, she started learning the erhu when she was 9 under the tutelage of erhu educator and musician Zhang Yuming.

A recipient of the NAFA Merit Award, Deborah graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours in 2019. Besides being concertmaster of the NAFA Chinese Chamber Ensemble during her time there, Deborah was also a key player in the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) since joining it in 2016, and she was the erhu principal player during her later years with the orchestra. Since graduating from NAFA, Deborah has been under the tutelage of SCO Concertmaster Li Baoshun, and she has also received guidance from notable erhu performers and educators such as Yan Jiemin, Zhang Zunlian, Zhao Hanyang, Duan Aiai, Huo Yonggang, Wang Ying, as well as Xue Ke.

In 2018, Deborah clinched the first prize in the Erhu Open category of the 2018 National Chinese Music Competition held by the NAC. Deborah was also selected to perform Wang Danhong’s erhu concerto Amannisha with the SNYCO as part of We Soar II, during the 2019 pre-tour concert in Singapore, as well as on the orchestra’s concert tour in Suzhou, China. In 2020, Deborah clinched the grand prize of the Solo Grand category in the inaugural Singapore Chinese Music Competition organised by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

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