Ann Hong Mui

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Ann Hong Mui


Ann Hong Mui is currently an Erhu musician and also the Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Erhu Society.

Ann Hong Mui’s interaction with music started in her secondary school days where she was a Dizi player in the Nanyang Girls’ High Chinese Orchestra. She subsequently developed an interest in the Erhu and joined the People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra in 1984 as an Erhu player. During her tenure, Ann Hong Mui showcased her performance skills at numerous solo performances and led the orchestra to glory at several national music competitions by successfully clinching various awards and accolades.

After graduating from the National Junior College, Ann Hong Mui entered the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in vocals and the Erhu. She graduated in 1989 with flying colours. In the same year, she was awarded first prize in the Erhu open category of the National Music Competition and became a full-time Erhu musician with the People’s Association Chinese Orchestra. Apart from performing with the orchestra, Ann Hong Mui was invited to perform with various musical bodies in various capacities, including as a guest concert master, a soloist and a lead performer. In 1991, under the sponsorship of the Singapore Teochew Ba Yi Association, Ann Hong Mui collaborated with Boo Chin Kiah to stage an Erhu and Dizi Recital which received rave reviews. Ann Hong Mui is one of the pioneer performers of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra which was established in 1997.

Ann Hong Mui received training from various Erhu veterans and masters, locally and from China. Under the patient tutelage of Wang Fang Liang, Ann Hong Mui further developed a greater understanding of the Erhu.

Drawing from her vast experience, Ann Hong Mui has been an Erhu instructor with the People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra for many years. Ann Hong Mui now devotes much of her time on music education and continues to play an active role in the development of the Chinese orchestra.

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