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A graduate of the China Conservatory of Music in the dizi and xiao, Zeng Zhi began learning the piano at 6 years old, and at 10 years old began to learn the dizi with professor of Hunan Province Art Institute, Wang Jue. Today, Zeng Zhi has mastered the dizi, xiao, hulusi, bawu and other wind instruments.

In August 2002, he won the Most Outstanding Award at the inaugural China National Ethnic Music Competition. In 2004, he was admitted to the China Conservatory under the tutelage of dizi and xiao pedagogue Zhang Wei Liang. Since then he has played at the National Grand Theatre, Beijing Concert Hall, the Beijing Poly Theater and the Forbidden City Concert Hall. In 2005, he joined the Prince of Nine Tones Ensemble, forging a professional career. The same year, he participated in “Taihe Invitation”, a TV show commemorating the Mid Autumn festival organised by Phoenix Television at the Forbidden City. The 2006 CCTV Dream China Spring Festival program featured him as a guest, and in the same year he recorded music for the Chinese Theatre drama, A Doll’s House. In 2007, Zeng Zhi joined the China Conservatory Orchestra, performing at the Lucerne KKL Culture and Art Center, the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria, and various venues in Heidelberg, Germany, Luxembourg Milan and Alexandria in Egypt. In 2008, his UK tour with the British Dragon Troupe was hailed as a success and since then he has played in Zaragoa, Spain and also in, Newcastle, England.

In 2008, Zeng Zhi joined SCO as dizi musician. In 2011, he successfully held a solo concert at the Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay. Zeng Zhi recorded for the winning piece, The Cappricio of the Mountain Folk Song of the 2011 Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition. He was the soloist for SCO concerts A Scenic Musical Trail, Casual Classical and Harmonies from Taiwan, and played in the pieces The Capriccio of the Mountain Folk Song, Cang and Whirling Dance. He has also given interviews for Lianhe Zaobao, FM88.3 and 958 Capital FM.

He's currently an instructor for Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra and in various school institutions in Singapore. He also teaches at He Yue Zhai Guqin Music and Arts Centre, Singapore Raffles Music College and leader of 新月组合, a Chinese music group.

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