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Phang Thean Siong


Phang Thean Siong is a talented dizi artiste in Singapore. He joined the People’s Association Chinese Orchestra in 1983 and is currently a dizi musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). He has performed in countries like Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, America, Germany, China and Hong Kong.

He was invited to perform at the Hong Kong Youth Music Camp in 1986. In 1988, he performed with the renowned dizi maestro Yu Xun Fa at the Singapore Arts Festival and was well received by many. In the same year, he also performed as a soloist in the Chinese Woodwind Solo Concert organised by the Singapore National Theatre Trust board. He was invited to perform as a soloist in the Malaysia 2nd National Secondary School Chinese Music Competition in 1991. In 1992, he conducted talks on dizi at the Sarawak Chinese Orchestra Music Camp. In the same year, he performed with the Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra in Thailand at the birthday celebrations of the Thailand queen. In 1998, he performed in Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen with the SCO in their China Concert Tour and in 2000, in Taipei and Taichung with the SCO.

Phang Thean Siong was awarded a scholarship by the Singapore National Arts Council in 1993. He studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Maestro Yu Xun Fa. He also performed in the Sixty Anniversary Celebrations of the Conservatory with the Shanghai Movie Orchestra as its guest soloist. Phang Thean Siong performed the dizi concerto Love for the Eagle with the Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra and the Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra in Hong Kong in 1994 and received great reviews from various Hong Kong newspapers.

Phang Thean Siong is currently the instructor for many Chinese orchestras in primary and secondary schools, community centres and clubs as well as Nanyang Technological University. His name was recorded in China Xiao and Dizi, published by the Nanjing University Press.

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