Ong Yi Horng

Ong_Yi_Horng Ong Yi Horng

Ong Yi Horng


Ong Yi Horng started learning the dizi and sheng from Ng Kok Tsai during his school days in Manjusri Secondary School and has since been actively involved in the Chinese Orchestra. Under the tutelage of several reputable sheng maestros, he had acquired diverse techniques and is able to create his own unique style by blending the essence of the techniques.

In 1988, Ong Yi Horng joined the Theatre Arts Troupe Chinese Orchestra as a sheng player. He joined the NTUC Chinese Orchestra as a principal sheng player in 1993 and became a full-time sheng player in the SAF Chinese Orchestra in the same year. Ong subsequently auditioned successfully for the sheng musician position in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 1997 and has been with the Orchestra since. He is currently also the instructor for sheng and suona for Cheng San Community Club Chinese Orchestra, and is the instructor of the woodwind section for several schools.

With the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Ong Yi Horng has performed in Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen in 1998, and participated in the Taipei Arts Festival in 2000. He has traveled with other orchestra groups to China, Egypt and Malaysia for public and festival performances. In July 2000, he staged a solo performance with Lin Kiong Pin, Tan Loke Chuah and Ling Hwee Loong and had received high accolades. In June 2003, Ong Yi Horng was being invited to be a sheng instructor in the Chinese Orchestra Camp 2003 for Secondary Schools organized by the Ministry of Education. He is a popular guest performer in many public concerts, often assuming the roles of sheng soloist and sheng lead player.

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