Singapore, 26 March 2021 (Friday) – Following the launch of programmes from January to March, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) will be presenting April’s Live + Digital concert titled “The Musician’s Choice: Summer Night”. Online viewers and audience members who watch live concerts at the Singapore Conference Hall will all be in for a treat! 

SCO presents The Musicians’ Choice: Summer Night concert

What would you do on a sweltering summer day?

SCO brings you a rejuvenating breath of air in “The Musicians’ Choice: Summer Night”, where chamber music pieces hand-picked by the musicians showcase the charms and characteristics of individual instruments. The lighter textures and easygoing style of chamber music make for easy listening and a blithe mood.

SCO Associate Conductor Moses Gay will pull out all the stops,

 so join us for a session of refreshing music-making!




Conducted by SCO Associate Conductor Moses Gay, The Musicians’ Choice: Summer Night concert will be held on 11 April 2021 (Sunday), 4pm at the SCO Concert Hall. The digital concert video will be available for unlimited playback on SISTIC till 18 April 2021 (Sunday), 8pm. The concert duration is approximately 1 hour. Sit back and relax as SCO musicians showcase the charms and characteristics of individual instruments.

Sharing by Conductor – The musicians picked their own music to perform!

There will be a varying performance formats in this concert, for instance: a dizi double concerto, an erhu duet with ensemble, sheng with ensemble and a percussion ensemble etc.

When asked about the concert’s theme, SCO Associate Conductor Moses Gay shared, “I did not choose any theme at all actually! The musicians chose their pieces based on what they like; some wanted to try new pieces, while some always liked a certain piece but could not find a chance to play it. One of the musicians was trying to showcase a short piece that has not been played for a long time, while another wanted to showcase his arrangement.”

He explained that “I told them to choose something they would love to play in a small ensemble setting, and unleash their wildest dreams!”




Summer Night 《夏之夜》 | Composed by Peng Xiuwen

The Encounter of Passion and Indifference 《热情与冷漠的邂逅》 | Composed by Li Bochan, Adapted by Wang Chenwei

Dizi: Lin Sin Yeo, Lee Jun Cheng


Basically Bass 《纯属低音》 | Arranged by Lim Kiong Pin

Zhongruan: Han Ying, Huang Guifang

Daruan: Ngeow Si Ming, Jonathan

Diyin Guan: Zhang Shuo

Diyin Suona: Liu Jiang

Zhongyin Sheng: Cheng Ho Kwan Kevin

Diyin Sheng:Lim Kiong Pin

Cello: Tang Jia, Chen Ying Guang Helen, Poh Yee Luh

Double Bass: Lee Khiang

Drumset: Boo Chong Wei Benjamin


Storytellers on ‘Ann Siang Road’《安祥路上的说书人》| Composed by Phang Kok Jun

Erhu Duet:Ling Hock Siang, She Ling 

Yangqin:Ma Huan

Zhongruan:Han Ying

Percussion:Boo Chong Wei Benjamin, Wu Xiangyang

Pipa:Zhang Yin

Sanxian:Huang Guifang


The Phoenix Spreads its Wings 《凤凰展翅》| Composed by Hu Tianquan, Dong Hongde

Sheng Soloist: Guo Changsuo

Yangqin:Ma Huan

Pipa:Zhang Yin

Zhongruan:Han Ying

Cello:Poh Yee Luh


Squabbling Duck 《鸭子拌嘴》 | Composed by An Zhishun

Xiaobo: Boo Chong Wei Benjamin

Dabo: Ngoh Kheng Seng

Muyu: Wu Xiangyang

Zhongyinluo: Moses Gay

Maobo: Lee Jun Cheng

Shuangyin Yunluo: Seetoh Poh Lam


Axi People Dancing Under the Moon《阿细跳月》| Arranged by Peng Xiuwen



Live concert Pass - $20, $28

Digital concert Pass - $15



About Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) is Singapore’s only professional Chinese orchestra. Inaugurated in 1997, the orchestra made up of more than 80 musicians took on the twin role of preserving traditional arts and culture and establishing new frontiers through the incorporation of Nanyang music elements in its repertoire. SCO has impressed a broadening audience with its blockbuster presentations and is fast establishing itself among its counterparts around the world. Known for its high performance standards and versatility, the SCO is recognized through invitations to perform at numerous prestigious events locally and internationally. In line with its vision to be a world-renowned people’s orchestra, SCO continues to inspire, educate and communicate through its music.


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