Singapore, 30 June 2022 (Thursday) – Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) is back for more in the second half of 2022! SNYCO will be making its first full orchestra comeback starting from this concert, where audiences will be able to watch over 80 members back in action together on stage after 2 years! It was in December 2019, during the China concert tour, where SNYCO last had the full orchestra on stage. Against all odds, we have reached a significant milestone.

Conducted by SNYCO Music Director Quek Ling Kiong, the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra will present Tunes of Tomorrow concert on 30 July 2022 (Saturday), 7.30pm. Audiences will be in for a full concert experience, do not miss it!

SNYCO’S Tunes of Tomorrow concert

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Witness the youths of today take on the Tunes of Tomorrow! Following the Musical Voyage journey in March, join the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) this July as they make their final stop for this membership year with a high-energy repertoire! Led by SNYCO Music Director Quek Ling Kiong, catch the world premiere of Lingering Resonances of the Street Opera Gongs by local young composer Jon Lin Chua, and the Singapore premiere of Sounds of Virtue by Li Bochan. Together with Guest musicians Jacky Ng and the Percussion Association of Singapore, be in awe of our young musicians and composers as they regale the crowd with an instrumental feast, and watch on as they shine ever so brightly on the centre stage!


A mixture of traditional and modern works is featured, displaying the versatility of youths’ energy. Sit back and relax, as the SNYCO members serenade the crowd with their captivating performance. The approximate concert duration is 1 hour 10 minutes long.

A display of local young composers and musicians’ showmanship

In this concert, Lingering Resonances of the Street Opera Gongs will be premiered by the SNYCO. Composed by local young female composer Jon Lin Chua, commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Lingering Resonances of the Street Opera Gongs is a modern reflection of the Hokkien street opera tradition in Singapore. Hokkien gezai opera (lit. “opera of little ditties”) gained popularity in Singapore in the 1920s due to its accessibility in character and use of well-known Hokkien folk tunes. In its heyday, Hokkien street opera performances drew large crowds, and the top opera stars were treated as celebrities. Today, these opera stars have aged or passed on, street performances are mostly drawing a small crowd, if any at all, and many local troupes have declined, with the closing down of some of the oldest and most established Hokkien opera troupes in recent years. Hokkien street opera performances have ceased to become a mode of entertainment in mainstream consciousness today, and are mostly only associated with Chinese folk religious worship. Through the ears of the contemporary listener, can we still hear the lingering resonances of the street opera gongs, lost in the echoes from the streets of old Singapore?

Other notable concert highlights include: the Singapore premiere of Sounds of Virtue, composed by young composer Li Bochan; SNYCO Co-concertmaster Koh Yu Jie and Zhonghu Principal Chen Ning will present Li Bochan’s Ode of King of Western Chu; guest musician Jacky Ng (suona) and Dizi Principal Ng Wei Xuan (dizi) will present Feng Xiaoquan’s Snow Mountain, and an attention-grabbing performance by Percussion Association of Singapore.


Live concert Ticket - $20 (exclusive of SISTIC charge)



Conductor指挥: Quek Ling Kiong

 《德音》 (本地首演)

Sounds of Virtue

(Singapore Premiere)


笛子:陈珈儀Dizi: Chen Jiayi, Irvina

高音笙:叶武丰 Gaoyin Sheng: Gabriel Yap Wu Feng

二胡:石礼晶(首席)  Erhu: Deborah Siok Li Chin (Principal)

中胡:陈雅蕙 Zhonghu: Tan Ya Hui Eugenia

中阮:何彦萱 Zhongruan: Hoo Yinhuin

扬琴:王祎宁 Yangqin: Wang Yining Marianne


Composed by Li Bochan



竹笛:梁锦阳 Zhudi: Leong Kim Yang

柳琴:蔡睿洟 Liuqin: Chua Rui Yi Rhueyviianne

二胡:卓诗璇 (副首席) Erhu: Amanda Toh Sze Suan (Associate Principal)

琵琶:汪忞颐 Pipa: Andrea Ang Min Yi

古筝:陆钰慧 Guzheng: Leck Yu Hui

低音提琴: 李梓轩 (首席)  Double Bass: Lee Zi Xuan (Principal)

打击乐: 黄埼颖 (副首席),錢芷薇,王竣贤,王新航Percussion: Ng Qi Ying (Associate Principal), Anastasia Mary Chieng Zhi Wei, Ong Junxian, Wang Xinhang


Composed by Xie Peng

《锣声起,锣声灭》 (世界首演)

Lingering Resonances of the Street Opera Gongs (World Premiere)

板鼓: 陈圣融 (首席) Tan Sheng Rong (Principal)

铙钹: 黄埼颖 (副首席) Ng Qi Ying (Associate Principal)

小锣: 陈杰仁 Jayron Tan

大锣: 谢佩凌 Chay Pei Ling

六角弦/壳仔弦: 陆洁涛Lu Jietao

大广弦: 李思宇Li Siyu (Principal)

南箫: 卢翔辉Low Xiang Hui

月琴: 蔡睿洟Chua Rui Yi


Composed by Jon Lin Chua


Ode of King of Western Chu

二胡: Koh Yu Jie (Co-concertmaster) 侯宇婕 (乐团联合首席), 陈宁(首席) Chen Ning (Principal)


Composed by Li Bochan


Snow Mountain


唢呐: Jacky Ng

笛子:Ng Wei Xuan (Principal)


Composed by Feng Xiaoquan


Drumming in Harmony


SNYCO and Percussion Association of Singapore


Composed by Simon Kong Su Leong



SNYCO Audition 2022

Application for SNYCO’s 2022 audition has now started and will end on 15 July 2022. The SNYCO Audition is an annual recruitment drive that provides opportunities for the finest young musicians in Singapore to gather and be part of the national youth Chinese orchestra. Managed by Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited, recruited members will be guided by industry professionals, enjoy subsidies for one-on-one lessons*, performances and masterclasses opportunities and many more!

Currently, there are more than 90 members, with 3 non-Chinese members. The youngest member is 10 years old and the oldest is 26 years old. 

The audition will be held at 7 Shenton Way, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore 068810 (Level 1 Exhibition Hall). Head over to SNYCO’s website for more details. 

*Terms and conditions apply


About Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra

The Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) is made up of more than 90 talented musicians between the ages of 10 to 26. SNYCO is managed by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited, and is under the purview of the National Arts Council and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth since 1 April 2015. SNYCO is under the music directorship of Quek Ling Kiong and Moses Gay as the associate conductor. Only the finest musicians are selected to be members through the rigorous auditions held each year. As a National Project of Excellence recognised by the Ministry of Education, SNYCO strives to nurture aspiring musicians into future pillars of Chinese music in Singapore.


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