SCO officially launched the blog on 6 July 2020, with our first blog post titled,” COVID-19 Phase 2: Lights on! Singapore Chinese Orchestra back to rehearsal after 91 days. The eye-catching photographs and text has garnered the attention of many followers and audience members. Since then, many of our SCO Musicians, staff and Friends of SCO also began to share their touching stories of affinity with SCO.

In our brand new SCO Chinese series titled《音乐日记》launched on 8 September 2020, our ex-Artistic Resource Panel member, Goh Ek Meng, shares about how SCO has adapted creatively to the new normal through digital platforms.

Today, SCO officially launch the English series titled Music Diaries. SCO Huqin Musician Goh Cher Yen shares about his day as a stay-home dad during the COVID-19 circuit breaker period. More exciting content coming up, don’t miss them!

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“The hustle and bustle of my “house arrest”

Text and Pictures: Goh Cher Yen

Greetings to all, allow me to have a tiny self-introduction - I am Goh Cher Yen, a Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) musician. I started my journey with SCO in 2000 as a short-term contract employee continuously and ultimately became a full-time musician since 2002. I had some phenomenal encounters, courtesy of the SCO encouragements and an unexpected astonishing acknowledgement.

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Masterclass with Erhu Virtuoso 闵惠芬     //     Invited as Guest-of-Honour to my alma mater’s Arts Musical

The current pandemic has caused the SCO to abort many of its performances, in view of the fact that no mass gatherings are permitted. Fortunately, enthusiasts can still stay connected with the SCO through its online platforms. Honestly, I hope that the SCO can resume back to its duties and delight audiences as soon as possible. SCO stay strong!!!

Anyway, how is everyone doing? It seems that everyone is having a different way of life due to this so-called “Circuit Breaker”. I can describe it as having “a certain blood-clot in life” since extreme difficulties are met if one wants to have meetups, businesses having strict restrictions, certain Singapore areas and facilities are “closed-down”, etc……

How does one handle this “life-limitations” while keeping a sane mind? Well, luckily for me, I have some simple yet pleasurable stuff to keep myself totally occupied at home……


Witnessing the blossoming of “Mini-me”

My “Mini-me” decided to bring me into a chaotic world since 2019. It all started with my wife’s pregnancy. It is always a great epiphany whenever her tummy’s “thriving”. Modern technologies even made it possible to see the “evolution” of human life in tummy (and I was like “Woah!!!”).


Excrement administration progressions

Now that “Mini-me” has officially declared existence, my tasks are to mainly accomplish whatever is crucial: nourishing, cleansing, cuddling, amusing, excrement management, development experimentalizing, hibernation-hypnotizing, all-night “operations” etc……


“Home-based work” system in progress

My spouse has been a true workaholic, handling both Mother and career obligations brilliantly. Ever since the start of the “work-from-home”, I had to make some adjustments to allow a more appropriate work environment for her – more baby managements and more baby’s decibel reductions (long periods of online conference meetings are quite nerve-racking). Soon she will be heading back to her authentic career work place; I can finally recommence the chaotic baby decibels without worries. Colossal thanks to her for tolerating my frequent nonsense……


Basking in the ambience of Bach

Whenever “Mini-me” is in hibernation, I always unearth time to do some of my favourite avocations to unwind myself:

1)           Indulge in the magnificence of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, etc.

2)           Muted practice routines. (Can’t afford to risk the possession of time by awakening the dormant femme fatale)

3)           Toying with some of my home displays.

4)           Getting entertained by Youtube.

5)           Staying updated on current news.

6)           Vital ingredient to crash out at night – Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata first movement.


Environment purifying

Although the cleansing of “Mini-me” is often necessary, I must not abandon the process of environment purification too. I highly regard this modus operandi as one of the best ways to master basic human survival skills and it serves as an efficient workout too. Huge appreciations to my parents who educated me on these indispensable abilities.


Femme fatale with 马子狗

In conclusion, I have apparently transformed my status from (husband) “老公” to “马子狗” (GFdog) hahahaha……

*Note: The views, information, or opinions expressed in this blog post is solely that of the author.



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Although physically separated, we are still intimately connected through the internet. What seems far might be much closer than you think…

Enjoy a wonderful evening in the idle comfort of your own home, as Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong leads us in a discovery of our profound affinity with nature through music, together with flowing joy and satisfaction.


Concert Information

An Affinity with Nature! 《自然 · 缘来这么美!》

Date & Time: 6 November 2020, Friday* to 15 November 2020, Sunday 8pm

SISTIC livestreaming from SCO concert hall at 8pm

Ticket Price: $15 (excludes $1 SISTIC charge)

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An Affinity with Nature (6 November 2020)

Awfully Joyful (20 November 2020)

Note: Both concerts are live streaming on SISTIC LIVE on concert day and then available on demand for 10 days.


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