Behind the persona of every artist lies a human being, just like you and I. The Human Diaries series thus explores the multifaceted lives of our musicians, which gained popularity during Season 1 last year. Expect the unexpected in Season 2 as we step into the homes and favourite places of our musicians, conductors and Composer-in-Residence, discovering stories untold.



Behind our pioneer erhu musician Ann Hong Mui is a super fan husband who has supported all her endeavours over the last few decades. Join us to look into her life and hear her story.

Text: Sean Goh & Oh Hui Yin

Photo: Singapore Chinese Orchestra

A surprise discovery: Her love for erhu

Ann Hong Mui was unaware of the different types of instruments in the orchestra before joining the Chinese Orchestra as a co-curricular activity (CCA) in Secondary school. The only instrument she recognised was the dizi (笛子).

However, after joining Chinese Orchestra, the powerful yet elegant sound of erhu(二胡) caught her attention. She described the sound of erhu “as if someone is singing”.

It astonished her that different pieces played on the instrument would create different feelings in the player. As such, she gradually felt connected to the instrument.

“I like it mainly because it is similar to my gentle and strong personality,” she expressed.

ann hong mui 1

(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

Most loyal Fan: Her husband

As the famous saying goes “Behind every successful man there is a woman”. The opposite is also true for Ann Hong Mui. During the interview, Ann Hong Mui sweetly shared her husband is her loyal fan and would attend every rehearsal and concert to demonstrate his affection. He would follow her around and helped to carry her costumes and erhu whenever needed.

“We got along very well, I feel blissful every day when we are together.”

She commented shyly like a young little girl, that she felt very happy and looked at her husband to seek his honest opinion. Her equally shy husband replied “I strongly agree that I am her super fan.”

ann hong mui 2

(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

Reason for success: Her Determination

“I had never thought of taking the route of a professional musician, and I had never prepared myself for this route. In fact, my journey as a professional musician only existed because of the help from others”

The humble Ann Hong Mui believes she's just a lucky person, always being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right person.

However, the success she achieved today could not be separated from her own determination to succeed. Whenever opportunities came, she proactively seized for it and practiced relentlessly.

ann hong mui 3

(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

Giving back to the community: Her gratitude  

Few years ago, Ann Hong Mui formed a Chinese Strings ensemble at Tampines Chinese Temple. The members consist mostly of elderlies who have a keen passion to learn the instrument.

Being someone who carries as sincere and genuine attitude in life, Ann Hong Mui is always grateful for the things in her life.

Sharing her experience on teaching the members, she said “It wasn’t just the students who learned from me, most of the time I was the one who learned from them, because they have been through the thick and thin in life.”

She shared that being with them taught her to be more sincere, optimistic, and kind. All these made her feel that she has benefitted more from them as compared to the skills that she has taught them. 

This is the positive learning attitude and always having the thought of gratitude helped her achieve her current success in her career.

ann hong mui 4

(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

Enjoy what you do and put in effort in doing: Her message to everyone

“If you are currently in the process of learning something… you must first make sure that you like it, that you’ll put effort in practicing it”

There you go ladies and gentlemen, that is the secret to success.

ann hong mui 5

(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

Here, we share some bonus behind-the-scenes moments:

ann hong mui 6

The cute couple enjoying their mini chit-chat sessions in between takes.

ann hong mui 7

Honestly, this is relationship goals.


Thank you for your kind attention, stay tuned to the next episode of Human Diaries season 2. 😊

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