Behind the persona of every artist lies a human being, just like you and I. The Human Diaries series thus explores the multifaceted lives of our musicians, which gained popularity during Season 1 last year. Expect the unexpected in Season 2 as we step into the homes and favourite places of our musicians, conductors, and Composer-in-Residence, discovering stories untold.



Our musician couple Ji Huiming (cello) and Huang Guifang (sanxian) take centre stage as they share about their journey working, learning and growing  together as colleagues, lovers and parents.

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Text: Sean Goh & Lim Ka Min

Photo: Singapore Chinese Orchestra


How did it all started?

Our musician couple Ji Huiming (cello) and Huang Guifang (sanxian) first met during their secondary school days. They didn't get together until university because they were not allowed to be in a relationship during secondary school. 

In Ji Huiming's opinion, the attributes he admired about Huang Guifang are her professionalism and dedication to her craft. It was at that point that he was the class monitor, so he took every measure to make sure she was well taken care of.

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(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

He not only exercised his privilege as a class monitor but also paid close attention to everything that involves her.

During that time, Huang Guifang performed in many productions, and he recorded all the publicity that involved her. He then tried various approaches to get her those records.

Some of you may wonder, so how exactly did Ji Huiming confess?

Well, he was actually a very timid boy, despite all the sweet acts! He would ask a close friend to help him pass paper notes to Huang Guifang and waited patiently for her response.

In the end, it was his dedication and sincerity that brought her to the shore of love. Since they had been friends for so long, getting together felt natural.

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(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

The secret to the couple’s success in both their career and love life

Being widely known as a very dedicated musician, Huang Guifang would practice for a few hours almost every day at home.

Dedicated both to work and to his family, Ji Huiming is a seasoned and passionate orchestra musician who always offer a helping hand to anyone in need. He would also share a tip or two on how to overcome challenges and issues which arises.

It takes two hands to clap, they both put in effort in upkeeping their home together while being busy at work.

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How is it like working together?

We have all heard of nightmare stories of couples working together, let’s see how this power couple avoided the drama.

It is probably because they put a greater emphasis on the benefits of working together. They are just like a new couple on your block going to work and knocking off together with endless discussions about.

Most importantly, they are each other's teachers.

Arguments are inevitable no matter how deeply in love you are. However, they always make sure that a consensus will be reached eventually. 

They would remain professional at work and return back to be a loving couple the moment they knock off.

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Their plans for the future

As a teacher and musician, Ji Huiming wishes to share his experience - he plans to help people as much as he can, offer advice based on his many years of experiences. 

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(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)

As Sanxian is still relatively rarely known and seen in Singapore, Huang Guifang plans to introduce it to a wider audience. She believes that being able to express her help to others is imperative for her as a musician who plays the instrument.

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(Screenshot from Human Diaries video)


If you haven't caught Ji Huiming and Huang Guifang’s Human Diaries episode, click here.


Thank you for following through the article thus far. Here, we share some bonus behind-the-scenes moments:

The cute couple in the kitchen together

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As a couple, they enjoy tea together on a daily basis.

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