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Performing in an orchestra could be similar to playing video games. Each instrument takes on a different, yet important roles. Find out more about Wu Kefei's take on music and gaming.

Text: Sean Goh & Lim Ka Min

Photo: Singapore Chinese Orchestra

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Life Begins Where Familiarity Ends

To leave one's comfort zone, could be daunting. For Zhonghu musician Wu Kefei, she had a hard time adjusting to living alone abroad at first. Since young, she was by her parent's side and all the household chores were well taken care of by her parents. 

After she leaves home for new beginnings in Singapore, she had to be independent and learn to take care of herself.

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Thankfully, through regular team bonding activities, Kefei was able to foster close friendships with SCO musicians and staff. She soon settled down well into the new environment.

The support role

The Zhonghu section is often underrated in an orchestra. As the Zhonghu Associate Principal, Kefei emphasised that every instrument is important in the orchestra.

"It’s like in the orchestra, you’ll need a Damage per second (DPS) role in the team responsible for attacking as well as a supporting role. The zhonghu takes on this crucial role."

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For instance, in the huqin family, the higher pitched instrument like gaohu and erhu largely takes the lead, while the lower pitched instrument like the zhonghu often blends the tones and holds the team together, allowing the music to become richer and more complete.

Her escape from reality

During Kefei's freetime, she likes to play video games and trading cards. These activities help her unwind and relax.

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She also shared that playing trading card games is largely similar to playing chess. These games require one to stay alert for long hours and it also hones one's multi-tasking skills.  

"You not only have to stay focused and take care of your parts, you also have to take note of your opponent’s moves."

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In turn, these skills helped Kefei in her career, especially during concert performances.

"During a concert performance, it usually lasts one to two hours and we have to be fully immersed in the music. Also, we have to pay attention to the other sections, other members in your section, including the conductor."

Kefei’s Music and Cosplay Youtube channel

Other than playing games, Kefei is also interested in Japanese culture, including music, movies etc. 

"Once in awhile, I try to rearrange some Japanese tunes and I will also cosplay and wear the costumes of the characters." 

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Music as an Inspiration

Through music, one can find comfort and comfort in your journey. For Kefei, Music fuelled her passion to learn.

"I feel that learning an instrument does not mean that you may eventually become a professional musician. In this musical journey, music helps you to relax and destress. It can also build up your aesthetic sense. Most importantly, you can make new friends too."

She aspires to share music with more people.

"I feel that when I was younger, people shared music with me. Now, after I worked so hard, I can also bring music to the people around me. This makes me feel that learning music is especially meaningful." 


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Thank you for following through the article thus far. Here, we share bonus behind-the-scenes moment:

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Kefei in her room, surrounded by games and toys – basically everything that sparks joy.

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