The #HumansAtSCO series – a special project which documents the stories of the people of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). We tell honest and inspiring stories of administration staff and unsung heroes working in the arts industry. We hope to bring out the very best in every story we tell, discover stories untold and positively impact the community.

Text: Lim Ka Min

Photo: SCO

Have you ever thought about whom you purchase tickets from? Or who ensures that the venue is safe and equipped with logistical support? And who manages the orchestra which consists of more than 80-musicians?

These are the day-to-day responsibilities of the “unsung heroes” in the Singapore Conference Hall, which has been a home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2001. Without their contributions, our compound would not be operational to hold many successful concerts and events.

Meet KT Chow, the ambassador and face of Singapore Chinese Orchestra over the last decade. She is the friendly staff who is stationed at the Level 1 Box Office of Singapore Conference Hall and you purchase concert tickets from her. Her outgoing personality. Her passion and patience. Her professionalism, unfading.

Today, KT answers 5 questions and sheds light into her role as a Senior Assistant of the Marketing Communications team.

  1. How many years have you been in SCO? Why did you join SCO?

Since 2007, this is my 16th year in SCO. I am very lucky to work in SCO.

I love my job. I like to meet people and to serve each customer with passion, and that is why I always have a customer-first mindset. This is a very exciting customer service position. I am not good in music, but after over 15 years in SCO, I enjoy Chinese orchestral music very much.

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  1. Share about your role as Marketing Communications staff - How is a day like for you?

My work station is at the Level 1 Box Office. As a Ticketing Officer, I sell tickets and help patrons to pick their favourite seat for their loved show or concert.

I always help to answer any query and share information for each show. I will also help to arrange special seats for patrons who needed help. On many occasions, I make special reservations for our Friends of SCO and assist them in ticket purchase, as well as arrange schools’ group bookings.

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KT was featured in SCO’s Huayue newsletter in 2008 for her excellent customer service as the ambassador of SCO. (Photo credit: KT)

  1. What do you find challenging about your job?

I will always share with patrons that “all seats are good seats”. As different patrons have different preference, it is sometimes challenging to satisfy all requests. Each patron has their own expectations.

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  1. Describe any challenging patron and you managed to resolve the situation amicably.

As the ticketing counter is also a front desk area, many people may think that the box office is a customer service counter. It is inevitable that members of the public may walk over to ask for directions. Most of them are very nice and polite, however, some are very inpatient and rude. In situations like this, I will always turn away to cool down and try to reply them with a smiling face, it makes my day better.

  1. Use 1 sentence to introduce yourself to new FSCO or audience members.

Hello, I am KT. I am your friendly Box Office staff who makes sure that you get your tickets to watch your favourite show.


KT blog post

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