SCO officially launched the blog on 6 July 2020, with our first blog post titled,” COVID-19 Phase 2: Lights on! Singapore Chinese Orchestra back to rehearsal after 91 days. The eye-catching photographs and text have garnered the attention of many followers and audience members. Since then, many of our SCO Musicians, staff and Friends of SCO also began to share their touching stories of affinity with SCO.

This year marks Maestro Tsung Yeh’s 20th year with SCO. Today, he answers 20 questions and shares more personal stories (as compared to him - on a professional level).


Text: Tsung Yeh & Lim Ka Min

Pictures: Tsung Yeh & Singapore Chinese Orchestra


  1. What is your favourite colour?

I am constantly changing my favourite colour as I create different music with different imagination.


  1. If you were not a conductor, what would you become?

 A writer.


  1. What makes you happy?

Spending time together with my family (mother, wife, children and grandchild).


  1. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would that be?

Be a pilot.


  1. How tall are you?

 5 feet 10 inches (about 1.78m).


  1. What was your childhood ambition?

A great pianist who wins the top prizes in international competitions.


  1. Share 3 things about you that nobody knows.

1st - Fear of heights

2nd – Can play accordion very well.

3rd – Learned Shaolin Quan during teens and Taijiquan during my early 30s.


  1. What is your favourite food?

The dishes cooked by my wife.


  1. What sports do you play when you were younger?

 Ping pong (Table Tennis).


  1. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

Engage in more sport activities.


  1. What is your pet peeve? / What annoys you?

 Being messy and sloppy / Invasive behaviour.


  1. Do you like to speak or write?

 I like both and will have difficulties choosing one.


  1. Are you a tiger dad?

 No, I am actually on the gentle side to my children.


  1. If you had the chance, what would you tell 20-year old Tsung Yeh?

 Always chase your dreams and always hold on to your family.


  1. What is your favourite instrument?



  1. What is your motto in life?

Constantly ask yourself “what is your new ambition?”


  1. Spring, Summer, Fall or winter?



  1. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

You have achieved all your purpose.


  1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

My lovely wife – Sau Lan.


  1. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?



Celebrate Music Director Tsung Yeh’s 20 years with Singapore Chinese Orchestra with three of his most memorable and notable works - “Sea – The Source of Life”, “Zheng He - Admiral of the Seven Seas (Selections)” and “Marco Polo & Princess Blue (Selections)”.



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