The #HumansAtSCO series – a special project which documents the stories of the people of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). We tell honest and inspiring stories of administration staff and unsung heroes working in the arts industry. We hope to bring out the very best in every story we tell, discover stories untold and positively impact the community. 

Text: Elizabeth Lim & Lim Ka Min

Photo: Michelle & SCO

Have you ever thought about whom you purchase tickets from? Or who ensures that the venue is safe and equipped with logistical support? And who manages the orchestra which consists of more than 80-musicians? 

These are the day-to-day responsibilities of the “unsung heroes” in the Singapore Conference Hall, which has been a home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2001. Without their contributions, our compound would not be operational to hold many successful concerts and events.


Meet Michelle, an Administrator who has manoeuvred across many departments in SCO and is a Personal Assistant to Executive Director. Curious to find out more about her experiences in SCO? Read on to find out more.

Today, Michelle answers 5 questions and sheds light into her role as an Assistant Manager (Administration).

3 20 years award in 2021

(Michelle received her Long Service Award medal for 20 years of service.)

  1. What do you do in your job? Describe a day in your life at work.

My role in the Administration department is multi- faceted. I handle varying matters from IT, office equipment to the tiniest stationery in office. I also provide Management Support to the Executive Director (ED) Terence Ho.

Every day after I reach office, I will check the SCO network, reply emails, the various files and access folders, as well as all other software, just to ensure that all staff are able to work comfortably.

After that, I will check ED’s schedule for the day and follow up with him. In terms of management support, I also assist in handling all Board matters like sending out concert invites or any event invites to all Board members and Invited members.

Duty for Fundraising Dinner

 (Michelle (left) with colleagues, taken during the SCO Fundraising Dinner 2019.)

  1. We understand that you are an Administrator who has manoeuvred across many departments in SCO and PA to Executive Director etc. Share some similarities working in the different departments.

I first joined SCO’s Marketing Communications department, then I joined the Venue Marketing and Human Resource department. I am currently with the Administration department. I feel that both Marketing and Venue Marketing department are quite similar. For example, both teams are always handling events and managing different types of shows and concerts. There is never a repetitive day while getting busy at work!

HR and Admin Team

(Michelle (right) with the Human Resource and Administration colleagues.)

  1. After working for 22 years, what are some of the interesting experiences which you had while working in the art industry?

Having worked in SCO since 2001, the most interesting experience I had was playing a part in the mega concert “Our People Our Music” in 2014. The event was held at the Singapore Sports Hub and involved more than 4,000 of musicians across Singapore, together with 30,000 audience members. It was such a grand event which the whole SCO team managed to pull through beautifully and wonderfully!

OPOM 2014

(Michelle and colleagues preparing for the OPOM 2014.)

  1. Share a few things about working in SCO which you like, especially since it’s your full-time job.

Colleagues in SCO make me feel like we are one big family. They are always there for you and we also watch SCO concerts together.

4 Surprise Birthday Cake

(Michelle (centre) and colleagues celebrating her birthday in office.)

  1. We heard that you took your wedding photos in SCO. Which year did you take your wedding photos? What made you want to do so? What is the significance?

Special thanks to Executive Director Terence Ho, he allowed my husband and I to take our wedding photos at SCO’s venue.

Our wedding photos were taken in 2015. We chose to do so as SCO is like a 2nd home to me, I grew up here.

5a Wedding Photo 11 Nov 2015

(Michelle (left) and her husband took their wedding photos at the Singapore Conference Hall.)

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