The #HumansAtSCO series – a special project which documents the stories of the people of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). We tell honest and inspiring stories of administration staff and unsung heroes working in the arts industry. We hope to bring out the very best in every story we tell, discover stories untold and positively impact the community. 

Have you ever thought about whom you purchase tickets from? Or who ensures that the venue is safe and equipped with logistical support? And who manages the orchestra which consists of more than 80-musicians? 

These are the day-to-day responsibilities of the “unsung heroes” in the Singapore Conference Hall, which has been a home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2001. Without their contributions, our compound would not be operational to hold many successful concerts and events.


Meet Xinhe, a Polytechnic student who recently finished his internship at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). Curious to find out more about his experiences in SCO? Read on to find out more.

Today, Xinhe answers 5 questions and sheds light into his role as Intern in SCO.

Text: Lim Ka Min

Photo: Singapore Chinese Orchestra


Question. Do you have music background? What do you enjoy about the arts scenes?

Answer: I took part in Concert Band during my time in secondary school, before I joined Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sonic Arts. Eventually, I got myself an internship position as a sound technician at SCO.

I had the chance to interact and witness many amazing works done by the performing artists.

 WhatsApp Image 2022 08 05 at 4.03.11 PM

Xinhe participated in SYF 2019, as a band member. (Photo credit: Xinhe)


Question. Describe the most memorable incident which took place during your internship.

Answer: One of my most memorable experience during my internship was being the “jellyfish” actor for the Young Children’s Concert 2022.

When we appeared and the lights turn on, I could see the amazement and smiles of the audience very closely. The children were all very excited!

As I work as a sound technician, we are always in the control room or working tirelessly backstage, so I can hardly see the audience members. This was one of the most memorable moments for me.


Picture taken during the Young Children’s Concert 2022, spot Xinhe as one of the jellyfishes.


Question. What they think the job is about, perception vs reality. For example: Before you intern in SCO, what did you envision? Now after the internship ended, was it like you imagined? Please give examples.

Answer: Before I Intern in SCO, I always thought the job is mostly about the sound produced by the Orchestra.

However, after 5 months of internship, I have come to realise that a successful performance is not just about the sound, but it is the atmosphere of the concert that makes audience members enjoy the show and come for future concerts.

photo1659343832 8
Xinhe checking the microphone before the start of each concert duty.


4. What did you enjoy most about working in the arts industry and what about your internship excites you?

Answer: I can see the work processes and behind-the-scenes of the show before it is being performed and staged for the audience to see. It is like “seeing magicians revealing their secrets”.


Question. Any words of advice for interns who are keen to join the arts industry?

Answer: I do not have very much experience, so the only advice is to “enjoy yourself, and the amazing creations that you and your peers have made”.

Xiao Xinhe blogpost


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