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SCO_mystical_colours_7 Huayue Articles

Our #DabaoSCO selection: Mystical Colours

It’s time for our #DabaoSCO recommendation for August 2020. Have you watched the Mystical Colours concert video?

SCO_blog_1 Huayue Articles

National Day 2020: Different but no less special

All these, albeit experienced apart from one another, we are still connected to one another by hearts, and deeply rooted to this lovely land, this beautiful country we call home.

SCO_Strings_Fantasy_1 Huayue Articles

Our #DabaoSCO selection: Strings Fantasy

Starting from July 2020, SCO will recommend you to 1 must-watch #DabaoSCO concert video every month.

SCO_photo_editorial_4 Huayue Articles

COVID-19 Phase 2: Lights on! Singapore Chinese Orchestra back to rehearsal after 91 days

6 July 2020 - Our arts and culture scene in Singapore has not been spared.

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