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Human Diaries: Stringing passion with dedication

Virtuoso on stage, dedicated pet groomer off stage! Let’s take a walk into SCO pipa principal Yu Jia’s world of music and her interest in pet grooming.

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Human Diaries: From CO fanboy to the youngest conductor in SCO

From a starry-eyed young boy fascinated with Chinese Orchestra to being the youngest conductor to lead SCO, 36-year-old Moses Gay shares his conducting journey and perspective. 

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Music Diaries: The Behind-the-scenes Sketches of Human Diaries

In today's Music Diaries, SCO marketing communications staff Shannen Ho reflects on the in-house production of Human Diaries season 1.

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Music Diaries - Reflections of First Grand Champion in SCMC 2020

In today's Music Diaries, Singapore Chinese Music Competition 2020’s very first Grand Category Champion Deborah Siok shares her reflections.

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Music Diaries – “Home Dad appassionato”

Today, SCO officially launch the English series titled Music Diaries. SCO Huqin Musician Goh Cher Yen shares about his day as a stay-home dad during circuit breaker. 

It’s time for our #DabaoSCO recommendation for September 2020. Have you watched the Sounds of Mongolia concert video?

Our #DabaoSCO selection: Sounds of Mongolia

It’s time for our #DabaoSCO recommendation for September 2020. Have you watched the Sounds of Mongolia concert video?

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